A musical life adventure

To explore, create & inspire. Soulsurf waves of life. Curiously aware magic


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Hip Hop Latino Yoga

Line Dance Massage

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Summer Base: Sjoa, Norway

My Songs

All melodies, lyrics, vocals & productions I create myself.

The beats & instrumentals are

the work of other musical souls around the world. Currently I

have 37 pieces on Soundcloud. 

Here from a new one!

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I enjoy creating musical visuals & projects. Here is one of my new songs Holdin´Poem. Much more to discover on FB (link down in the footer) & also below:

28 projects here



Four seasons. Out & About. The nature got it all! I`m a dancer by heart & yogini in spirit. Challenged by joy I became a songwriter & producer. Freedom is my great delight. So I have a little van. Roadtripping, breating nature. Kayaking & surfing the cutest river. Snowboarding in fluffy white gold. Eagerly jumping in to icebath when winter melts norwegian mountains. In service business I thrive. Yet introvercy is the happy escape. From life I also know shadowland. And the taste of rich chocolate. So delicious